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Privacy Policy


We, NIKHARTRAVELS.COM, respect the privacy of our clients. Our 'Privacy Policy' is intended to supply the users a trust associated with the usage and protection of their personal information collected by us. This personal information is comprised of their names, mailing addresses, contact numbers, e-mail IDs, credit card numbers, and several other personal details. Being a trusted name of travel and tourism industry, NIKHARTRAVELS.COM does not indulge into revealing the personal information of its clients for any reason.

In general, you can visit our website without providing your personal information like mobile no or Email-id. Instead of tracking individual members interpret; we enhance the performance of our each page. In this way, we provide better services to them without knowing their identity.

In some special cases, we share the personal information of our clients with other companies/parties/people. These cases may include:

• We are completely allowed to share their information.

• To make the products & services available what they demand.

• On the demand of any government agency/authority or officer or

• To follow the legal notices.

The privacy policy of NIKHARTRAVELS.COM may vary in various specific cases; it depends on the requirements and situation. However, we make sure that the privacy of our clients do not disclose except some special circumstances.

NIKHARTRAVELS.COM takes some admiring initiatives to protect the information of its users. Using modern technology, several security measures and strict policy guidelines, we protect your privacy and prevent from its unauthorized access or any discloser.

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